EXCLUSIVE: MAC Cosmetics Releases Interactive Holiday Collection Video

Rachel Adler

To get everyone hyped for the holiday season (and teach us all a thing or two about which shades to wear) MAC Cosmetics is releasing a super fun, interactive video featuring their Glamour Daze collection. The video showcased above (which will go live on MAC Cosmetics’ Facebook page December 10 – we got an exclusive sneak peek!) features 16 possible “stories” along with eight possible makeup looks, all using the Glamour Daze holiday palettes.

MAC Cosmetics Senior Makeup Artist Romero Jennings assisted legendary makeup artist Lisa Butler on set of the video shoot, and walked us through how the shoot went down – plus provided us with a few tips on how to get some of these looks ourselves.

BH: In the interactive video we are watching the model choose from various date night and fun night out looks – while on set how did you help her create these looks?

RJ: Lisa Butler created and executed all the amazing looks for this high tech, interactive video.  Date Night is my favorite! This look is for the ultimate party girl that’s ready for a sparkly and approachable evening.

During this shoot I felt like a MAC creative product ambassador. It was vital to make everything appear seamless, to ensure we had products ready and available to achieve each detailed makeup look. Lisa is an extremely organized visionary.  Her organization allows for speedy, flawless makeup changes with the blink of an eye!

How many total looks did you have to shoot to create the full video?

There were 8 total looks, but countless individual detail shots. I honestly lost count! This video was time consuming, but the end result is miraculous.  I felt so incredibly honored to be on the set helping out.

The choice of combining a “soft” or “strong” color palette comes up a lot throughout the video. What do you often advise your clients?

I think it is important to have different day and evening makeup looks, and I encourage everyone to grow and try new things. These user friendly makeup kits are a must have, especially in today’s on-the-go society. This video allows you to customize your makeup depending on your mood, and who doesn’t want to try something on before buying!  

Do you have any tips for someone getting ready for a first date? What about a fun makeup look for a night out with friends?

Be yourself, but also remember to be approachable in your makeup, hair and clothing. Use the right makeup brushes and blend all eye shadow and blush to avoid hard lines.

And finally, what was your favorite look overall?

I love “Girls Night Out!” This person is fun and wants to be seen, but is also totally approachable. We all want to be her!