Exclusive Lifebooker Deal For Faux Glow: Editor Tested, Reviewed & Approved

Rachel Adler

I will confess that I am a recent spray tan convert, and while a newbie, I am a quick learner (and not sure why it took me so long to discover this not-so-hidden treasure). As a teen, I stuck with tanning booths and then after swearing off those, embraced my fair skin. But, everyone loves a healthy glow and let me tell you — a custom, air-brushed tan is where it’s at. I’ve been wandering around NYC trying to find the best place to get my dose of tan, and luckily have had a few good deals fall into my lap that I need to share.

In the spirit of full-disclosure, we have teamed up with Lifebooker because they are not only an amazing site for discounts and deals (Um, who doesn’t want a $39 massage?) but they also offer access to a wide range of brands that you may not have known about otherwise. So, in the coming months we will help you to get beach-ready with some Lifebooker assistance, and let’s just say there is a lot to look forward to. As we test their deals, we’ll share them with you and offer an exclusive Lifebooker and Beauty High discount. We’ll let you know if it’s worth shilling out the dough for, and you can let us know what you think about the deal in the comments section below (the Lifebooker staff wants feedback too)!

So, since I’m now thinking about Memorial Day prep, spray tans are clearly on my mind. I headed off to Faux Glow last week to meet with the owner, Jeani Roth for a custom tan. Upon arrival, we sat and discussed what shade I wanted, choosing from “Hollywood Honey,” “South Beach Bronzed,” “Bahama Bling,” St. Tropez Sexy,” and “Brazilian Beauty.” Like I said earlier, I have fair skin, so we went with “Hollywood Honey.” Jeani told me to put lotion on my hands, elbows and knees (anywhere that would be especially dry) and she would be back in a second. She also added that if I didn’t like the color or wanted more, we could adjust it after. She was back in the room in no time at all, and I was surprised at how quick the process was. I was glowing in just about 5 minutes. We decided to make my legs a shade darker (everyone likes tan legs, right?) and then we were done. Truly, a custom tan. She left me to dry for a few minutes and added a setting powder so I wouldn’t be sticky. I left with a sheet of instructions telling me not to shower or exercise for about 9 hours, and to make your tan last make sure to lotion and don’t exfoliate.

I loved my tan and everyone at work the next day was shocked by my “vacation glow” — and what’s even better, is it has been a full week and I still have a touch of color left, so it was definitely well worth it!

If you’re in NYC, check out Faux Glow on 30 E. 60th St with this Lifebooker deal.

And, since we didn’t want to leave anyone out of course, here are custom airbrush deals for Lifebooker in San Francisco and LA!

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