Exclusive: Demi Lovato on Bullying, Red Lips and Simon Cowell

Rachel Adler

demi lovato Exclusive: Demi Lovato on Bullying, Red Lips and Simon Cowell

Demi Lovato, Disney starlet, singer and “X Factor” host has long spoken out about her struggles with bullying and bulimia over the past few years. As a Mean Stinks Ambassador with Secret deodorant, Lovato has teamed up to help end bullying, by getting everyone to “gang up for good.” The campaign helps to form communities over Twitter and Facebook in a variety of ways, such as the “blue pinky challenge” in which you can paint just your pinky with blue nail polish and tweet it @MeanStinks with the hashtag #BluePinky to show that you are standing up to bullying.

Lovato took a moment to speak with us about her motivation for getting involved with the campaign (and her love for the pinky challenge) by saying that she loves that “It urges girls to ‘gang up for good’ and agree to not bully each other.” By creating the “pinky pledge” they have created a cause “where girls paint their pinky nails blue, which is the color of hope, and pinky promise that they will not bully each other.” Lovato also urges girls to speak up if they are being bullied or see someone else who is being bullied.

The busy performer is also currently making headlines for her job as judge on “X Factor,” next to Britney Spears and Simon Cowell. Lovato says that she loves working with all of the other judges and it has been a huge learning experience because both of them have been in the industry for such a long time – “especially Simon since he is so old!”

Noting that she has no regrets about any of the experimental beauty looks she has tried, Lovato says that her go-to look is always a great red lip. But, when it comes to her favorite red carpet look, she credits the Topshop dress she wore to the “X Factor” premiere. “I also loved my hair and makeup. It felt so old Hollywood and elegant!”

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