Exaggerated Lashes: Get In On The Trend


“What goes around comes around” doesn’t always have to apply to karma and bad juju. In regards to the season’s top trends it means bringing back some long forgotten looks.

Clumped Fringe. Mod Eyes. Spider Lashes. Call them what you will, but long, exaggerated lashes are in this season. The clumped, lengthened look used to be what we wanted to avoid, but now the mod look is back in full force. From editorials to runway to celebrities, this trend is popping up everywhere.

The real question is how far will you take it?

This look from Vogue Russia might be a little too exaggerated for you, or anyone in daily life for that matter, but there will always be ways to tone down those larger-than-life trends. Thanks to some new products and a little something called false lashes, this look is totally accessible for those too scared to wander outside of your comfort zone.

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Some companies have created new mascaras that are aimed specifically at creating that mod, spidery, lengthier lash look. If you use these mascaras to give the trend a try, it’s insanely easy to control how heavy handed you’ll be and achieve just the right touch of mod to keep you comfortable. When having a go at this trend, keep in mind that your eyes need to the only focal point on your face with a barely-there, nude lip to complement.

If this look just isn’t for you, you could always go for the polar-opposite, NO lash look a la Tilda Swinton. Decisions, decisions.

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