9 Gorgeous, Everyday Makeup Looks You Can Do in Under 15 Minutes

9 Gorgeous, Everyday Makeup Looks You Can Do in Under 15 Minutes
Photo: ImaxTree

At least once a week, one of my friends stares at my face, whines, and then says she wishes she “had time” to do makeup every morning, or wishes she “knew how” to do her makeup, or just begs me to come over and do her makeup for her every single day. And as fun (and thankless) as that would be, I’m pretty into the whole teach-a-woman-to-fish thing when it comes to makeup, especially when it only takes a max of 15 minutes to get some seriously stunning makeup looks.

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No, really. I promise that makeup isn’t this mystical, magical thing that only a few select people with cosmetology degrees can do on their own. As long as you own a handful of basic makeup products (mascara, eyeliner, foundation or tinted moisturizer, some concealer, etc.), and actually want to do your own makeup every morning—hey, we can’t move unenthusiastic mountains, here—then we promise you can do a gorgeous makeup look every morning, without spending a ton of time on your look.

So to get you started, we combed through the depths of the Internet to find the best and easiest makeup looks that you can do every single day in under 15 minutes. Sure, some will be more beginner than others, but we promise, these tutorials are easy to follow. Keep reading (and watching) to find your new favorite beauty look, and never say “I wish…” to your makeup-loving friend again.

Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: ImaxTree

1. Matte and Subtle Everyday Makeup

2. Sharp, Filled-in Eyebrows


3. No-Makeup Makeup for Oily Skin


4. No-Makeup Makeup for Dry Skin


5. Fast and Subtle Contour for Total Beginners

6. Quick Lipstick and Liquid Liner


7. Bright and Rosy-Cheeked


8. Easy Brows, Mascara, and Concealer


9. Sheer, Natural-Looking Foundation


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