Everyday Items With Surprising Beauty Uses

Aly Walansky
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

While many of us make regular trips to Sephora looking for the next miracle product, we tend to overlook some of the best beauty products at our disposal: everyday items.

For a quick and easy DIY face masque, just grab a yogurt from the fridge. Dermatologist (and former Ford model!) Dr. Whitney Bowe says: “When I was around seven years old, I remember being in a runway show and overhearing two adult models talking about prepping their skin before shows. One swore by a yogurt mask that she applied the morning of any big show (she smeared the yogurt all over her face, let it dry and then rinsed it off 10 minutes later). Now, as a dermatologist and scientist, having done years of research on healthy bacteria found in yogurt (probiotics), I understand the science behind her yogurt masque ritual! Probiotics have been shown to decrease inflammation in the skin, preventing breakouts and helping to repair the skin moisture barrier.”

It’s not just for knocking boots. Personal lubricants can be used to get a really close shave (for both men and women), making hair sleek, shiny and frizz-free, and moisturizing your whole body.

Winter vacations are great for the soul, but rough on the skin. If you return from that tropical getaway with a sunburn, Dr. Bowe recommends soaking a washcloth in equal parts milk and water and applying it to the skin. “The protein in the milk soothes and helps relieve itching, swelling and inflammation.”

Milk of Magnesia
“I apply it every morning to my face with a cotton ball, instead of using a primer or cream. I apply my makeup right over it and you can’t tell that it’s on. I can go an entire work day before I need to touch up my makeup – it’s amazing!” says Julia Muro of Pop Addict.

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