Estee Lauder’s Prescriptives Closing- Get Their 3 Best Items While You Can


It’s an ugly market out there, and it has claimed yet another victim: Estee Lauder‘s 30-year-old brand Prescriptives. The beauty industry stalwart is the first of Estee Lauder’s major 29 brands, that was wholly developed and produced by the company, to be shuttered. Retail distribution will officially end January 31. Enthusiasts will be able to purchase through the well-trusted brand’s website beyond that time, if and while items last.

With this sad news, now’s the time to show your Px support. Give them some love, and stock up on their best items before it’s too late. Here are the three items we most highly recommend:

1. False Eyelashes Plush Mascara. Available in Plush Black or Brown, this excellent mascara virtually gives you the drama of false eyelashes, but through traditional application. $19.50.

2. Custom Blend Lip Gloss. The website allows you to design your dream tint: choose a base shade (deep reds, bright corals, fruity pinks), a finish (sheer, full color, sparkle), and even a delicious flavor (meringue, yum!). Not only do you get to create a fun product that’s just for you, but also enjoy free shipping. $26.00

3. U-Pick Eye and Cheek Color: Pick your own color shades for Prescriptives refillable compact. Eye colors are available in a matte, satin, or shimmer finishes, in rich and versatile shades. The naturally light and radiant cheek colors smooth on skin evenly, and are available in matte and subtle glimmery finishes. Compacts can be designed and packaged with the exact colors that are right for you. $14-17.50.