Instant Makeover: The Easiest 3D Nail Art Ever

Essie nail strips

Photo: Courtesy of EssieClockwise: Stickers and Stones, Embrace the Lace, Steel the Show, Over the Moon, Glam It On 

Occasionally we come across a product that bestows an immediate glow, changing our look (for the better!) in an instant. Since we’d be remiss to keep them to ourselves, we highlight these genius finds in our Instant Makeover series.

3D nails used to be hard to come by, a commodity if you will. But lately new products have been coming out with easy ways to get the nail art craze. And the new Essie Sleek Stick Collection ($10.95,, a set of nail art strips, is the easiest one we’ve seen. I tried Stickers and Stones last night, a bubbly cabochon angora pewter, and they covered the nail smoothly with little creases. Unlike Sally Hansen’s nail strips that are made out of nail polish, these are clearly stickers, but they apply with more accuracy than other nail stickers. My one word of advice: keep a nail clipper handy. Although each pack comes with a bunch of different sizes, you may have to trim the edges a bit to fit your nail.

What do you think of Essie’s newest collection?