Essie Launches New Magnetic Polish Collection, “Repstyle”

Danielle Emig


We’re always on the hunt for new nail art trends, and most beauty brands will jump on the bandwagon when a trend like crackle becomes popular. Essie, on the other hand, has usually avoided trends and focused on delivering classic shades in our favorite formulas. This round, Essie has decided to jump on the magnetic nail polish trend and is launching its own magnetic collection this month.

Here’s how it works: The “Repstyle” collection features six metallic shades with a magnet included in the top cap. For those that are too lazy or too busy to actually try out the latest textured nail art, the new magnetic formula is such an easy way to get nails with a reptile-looking texture. Just paint on one coat of any of the metallic shades, then apply a second coat to each nail individually. Hover the magnet over each nail for a few seconds and voila! You’ll have gorgeous reptilian-looking nails.

The trick is to hover the magnet as close to your nail as possible without it touching. The formula includes micro-iron spheres that create the textured look with the magnet. Choose from hunter green, silver, bronze, navy blue, copper, or deep red. If you’re not into the reptile pattern, each shade looks just as good left alone.

At $11.25 each, it’s a little more than the usual price, but then, the average nail polish isn’t magnetic.

This trend isn’t new, so do you think Essie joining the party too late or are you excited that your favorite brand is now coming out with textured nail polish? Let us know in the comments below!

Available now online for $11.25.

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