The New $4 Lipstick We’re Seriously Obsessed With

The New $4 Lipstick We’re Seriously Obsessed With
Photo: ImaxTree

Every single day—no, every single hour—a new beauty product lands on my desk, promising to be the latest and greatest thing to have ever happened to the world. Most of the time, it’s just a meh, same ol’, same ol’ product in pretty packaging. But every so often, I swipe or spray or dab something on that fills me with the joy of a thousand school children, because it’s seriously THAT. GOOD. And this week, my little heart beat for the new Essence 2in1 Lipstick & Liner.

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Guys, not only is this lipstick-balm-liner hybrid shockingly creamy and pigmented, but it’s also hanging out in your local drugstore for a whopping $4. Yeah, that’s crazy cheap, in case you needed someone to echo your thoughts. And though we’re almost always skeptical of multi-tasking products, this liner-and-lipstick duo is actually pretty smart, since its cone-shaped tip gives you a clean, precise edge every time you use it. And, as anyone who has ever tried to quickly apply a hyper-pigmented lipstick knows, getting clean, razor-sharp edges in one swipe is a rarity.

Essence 2in1 Lipstick Liner in Burgundy

Photo: Essence

Just line the edges of your lips with the pointed tip, then turn the crayon on its side and shade in the rest of your mouth (in case you couldn’t figure that out based on the very obvious picture above). Surprisingly, the tip stays pretty pointed even after consistent use—and by consistently, I mean I’ve literally applied it twice a day, every day, for three weeks straight—since you’re basically using your lips as a sharpener each time you swipe it on.

The formula itself is also buttery soft, like a cross between a hydrating lip crayon and a semi-matte lipstick. No, this won’t be as opaque or flat as your matte liquid lipstick, but the darker of the five shades, like the burgundy Lush Berry (my absolute favorite) and wine-hued Invisible Kiss, still pack a ton of pigment into each swipe for a definitively bright look that lasts through approximately one breakfast, one second breakfast, and one thousand cups of tea.

My only gripe: The cap slips off rather easily, so be careful about throwing this in your purse, lest you end up with splotchy marks all over your wallet and keys (*raises hand*). But if you need an excellent lipstick that sits stationary at your desk or in your makeup drawer and gets you at least three compliments a day—not kidding; just got one this morning—then here’s your new best friend. Check it out for yourself, and let us know how you like it in the comments below!

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