TikTokers Are Saying This Viral Color-Changing Blush ‘Blows Them Away’

Elizabeth Denton
TikTokers Are Saying This Viral Color-Changing Blush ‘Blows Them Away’
Photo: TikTok.

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When we hear our fave beauty influencers on TikTok say a product “blew me away,” we know we have to try it. TikToker after TikToker has waxed poetically about the “best blush for your skin tone:” Espressoh’s Glassy Blush by the Glass. The totally clear, dewy blush hits the skin and transforms into a pink flush of color that looks good on literally everyone. Seriously just look at these results.

TikToker Soph Martiné gave the clear blush a try and was shocked at the results. “OK, that is wild,” she says while it turns pink on her skin. She says her shade is a “red-y, pink-y color,” perfect for her skin tone. “This product is so cool, you have to try this,” she says when she sees the finished results.

Both Sara Wolak and Mikayla Nogueira also tried the clear blush and got brighter pink results on their fair skin. Both women are in love with the results. “That is cool!” Nogueira says. “The technology blows me away…I’m actually in love.” She especially likes how the dewy formula shines like a blush-highlighter combo, plus, it doesn’t mess with her foundation like so many other dewy blushes.

oh glassy blush


Of course, this isn’t the first blush on the market to change with your skin’s pH. Youthforia’s BYO Blush ($35.99 at Amazon
) starts off with a green tint and develops into a pretty pink shade on the skin. If you were around in the early 2000s, you know this isn’t new technology— but it is seriously cool and we’re glad to see it being used again so well.

As cosmetic chemist Javon Ford points out on TikTok, skin-adapting makeup “functions as pH indicators.” He explains that they contain a colorant called Red 27 dye which adapts to the skin’s pH when it hits moisture. It’s colorless in the absence of water “because there’s no pH value,” he says. And while it seems like it changes color to each of our skin tones, it’s really about the same shade since we all have a skin pH of about a 5. Still, it looks different on varying skin tones because “it’s a dye and not a pigment so it has some translucency to it so your natural skin tone peeks through,” he adds. This makes it look like a “natural flush.” Science is so cool.

Surprisingly, Espressoh’s Glassy Blush by the Glass is still in stock on the brand’s website. Grab it now, along with the Italian brand’s cult fave The ABC Concealer ($26 at Espressoh).

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