Meet the Floral Fragrance That Will Make You Feel Like it’s (Finally) Spring

agua del sol


I don’t know about you, but personally I’ve had enough of winter—I’m done with piling on a zillion layers every morning, dodging puddles of sludges on the evening commute, and getting caught in the freezing rain basically every time I leave the house. Unfortunately, we can’t fast-forward the calendar to a sunny weekend in early June, however I can switch-up my fragrance to something that has the power to almost—almost—convince me it’s at least almost Spring.

Specifically, I’m talking about the new Escada Agua del Sol perfume; a fresh, light, fruity fragrance that mentally transports me to the season of poolside cocktails and rooftop parties. While I’m not normally a sweet perfume kind of girl, and have even been known to wear men’s cologne when the occasion calls for it, I’m obsessed with the vanilla undertones of this particular scent. It has fruity top notes of crisp nashi pear granita and icy raspberry sorbet, and is topped with fresh Italian citrus fruits and touches of energizing pink peppercorn. Yes, it’s pretty damn delightful.

You can nab the fragrance online now so go on, it’s about the closest thing to a time-machine to spring that you’ve got.

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