Top Makeup Tips for Taking Engagement Photos

Natasha Burton
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

It’s one thing to take everyday photos, but it’s quite another to take engagement photos. To help you look your best during your first photoshoot as a soon-to-be-wed couple, here are some essential makeup tips and advice.

Set the Foundation
During your shoot, you’ll likely do a slew of poses that require your face to be close to your guy’s, meaning there will be a lot of your head on his shoulder and other cute, nuzzled positions. And, of course, you’re going to want to make sure that each pose doesn’t have you smearing another layer of foundation onto his shirt. Makeup pro Page Berse, whose forte is getting women dolled up for wedding, engagement and boudoir shoots, highly recommends using a setting spray to keep your foundation looking fresh and from rubbing off. “No More Shine Setting Spray from Motives Cosmetics ($30, does an amazing job keeping the shine away and the makeup clean and fresh,” she says.

Kiss-Proof Lips
Another popular engagement shoot pose is, of course, you and your man stealing a kiss. Like the foundation, you don’t want your lip color coming off. Your guy won’t want a bunch of photos of himself wearing your lipstick, and you want your color to stay on and keep your kisser looking, well, kissable. “I find that a lip tint or stain gives you great looking lips and does not rub off or look heavy, like some long-lasting lipsticks can,” Berse says. “Benefit’s Benetint lip stain ($30, gives a great natural blush to the lips.”

Have a Stand-Out Feature
While you do want your makeup to look “done,” you still want to look like you. To keep you look natural, don’t do up all of your features at once. “If you love a smoky eye, keep the lips more neutral. If you love bold lip color, keep the eyes lighter and more classic,” Berse says. “Focusing on one dominate feature gives balance and creates a more beautiful image.”

Make-Up Your Man
While your guy certainty doesn’t need to get his makeup done for your shoot—and he’d likely refuse if you suggested it—he may need a bit of cover to look his best in the pictures. Encourage him to borrow concealer for a wayward blemish or dark undereye circles, or blotting papers if he’s the type to sweat. He’ll thank you when he sees the final product.

Let Your Love Shine
“The best beauty tip I can ever give is to have fun, enjoy yourself, and let your love and inner beauty shine through,” Berse says. Yes, it sounds touchy-feely but, more importantly than a bomb makeup job, you really want your happiness to come across in your photos. So, this isn’t the time to try a new look or put on a ton makeup to hide what you really look like.

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