An Emoji-Only Social Network is (Obviously) Coming

Kristen Bousquet
14aaa331a0a88f5b3648d829da4bd5546cc5fddf An Emoji Only Social Network is (Obviously) Coming

Photo: Emojli

If you needed proof that the art of communication is officially taking a hit, here it is: Everyone’s favorite text-message tool, Emojis, are being used to launch, a new social network of sorts using—yup—only the happy little icons.

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According to a video that the company posted, “Social networks are broken” because of “spam, trolls, memes and hashtags” so Emojli decided it was time for “something simpler.” So far, 10,000 people have signed up for the network, creating usernames that are composed of emojis. The app’s creators, Matt Gray and Tom Scott, claim that there over 250,000 possible combinations for two-emoji usernames (which is no problem until more than 250,000 people sign up, then things start to get trickier.)

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While Emojli is starting off as a chat-only app—a firm launch date isn’t quite set yet—it’s creators hope that it will blossom into something way bigger—possibly an entire social network of its own. Watch the intro video below, and let us know if you plan to check out emojli.