Emmy Rossum Showed Off Her Naturally Curly Hair in a Rare Instagram Selfie

Emmy Rossum Showed Off Her Naturally Curly Hair in a Rare Instagram Selfie
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If you follow Emmy Rossum on Instagram, you know that she’s been on the hunt for a product to style her natural “Jewish curly hair” for a long time. Tired of straightening it every day or spending hours in her bathroom making sure that every stray curl was place, the 31-year-old actress was desperate for a solution. So, after a dead-end Google search for “best products for Jewish curly hair,” Rossum took to her Instagram story to ask her followers for a solution. And the people heard her pleas.

After weeks of testing (and criticizing) different curly-hair-suited beauty products, Rossum landed on the cult-favorite brand Devacurl, something her followers unanimously wanted her to try. After shampooing and conditioning with Devacurl’s products, Rossum used a dab of the brand’s gel and scrunched it into her hair. The result was a voluminous, drool-worthy head of curly brown hair that enhanced Rossum’s natural texture instead of changing it.

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If you’ve been following Rossum’s Insta hair journey, you know that the product checks off her main box: speed. Over styling each and every one of her curls, Rossum wanted something in which she can “scrunch and go,” and judging from the tutorial on her Instagram story, Devacurl seems to accomplish that. According to her Insta story, after shampooing and conditioning, Rossum scrunched the product into her hair with a microfiber towel. Then, she quickly diffused it with a blowdryer, leaving her with gorgeous, tousled curls.

Emmy Rossum

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Though Rossum has been in the spotlight since she was 16, we’ve rarely seen her natural curly hair—let alone in an Instagram selfie. Since posting it, Rossum’s comments have flooded with comments from “fellow curly girls” who are encouraging Rossum to wear her natural curly hair more. We agree, because the curls look divine on you Miss Emmy.