Emmy Rossum’s Skin Glows in a Gorgeous Makeup-Free Selfie

Emmy Rossum’s Skin Glows in a Gorgeous Makeup-Free Selfie
Photo: Getty Images

While some people opt to get all dolled up for a holiday, others— like “Shameless” star Emmy Rossum— take it as a chance to go completely bare-faced. Over Memorial Day Weekend, the actress went whitewater rafting with her husband, Sam Esmail, and instead of layering on waterproof makeup, she went without it altogether.

Rossum posted a selfie on Instagram after the adventure, and can we just talk about her radiant skin for a second? No blemishes or dark circles spotted; what magic is she using? It’s obvious that she’s a natural beauty, but with her big brown eyes on display, hair pulled back, and sans-makeup, we’re definitely applauding those genetics (and not-so-patiently waiting for her to drop her skin-care routine).

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As effortless as the selfie was, though, Rossum noted in the caption that the rafting wasn’t all smooth-sailing. She wrote, “@samesmail went in the water, got trapped under the boat and i pulled him back in with my bare hands. ready for some cocoa and a drink-drink!” Looks like she’s got it all: beauty and brawns.