Emma Watson’s Lancome Commercial Released, Do You Like It?

Rachel Adler

Apparently it’s a day of beauty product campaign releases, and Emma Watson’s Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose campaign rounds out a pretty good trio so far. We’ve been waiting for this campaign to hit for a long time, but honestly we’re not that thrilled with it. Maybe it’s because we’ve already seen most of it in behind-the-scenes images, or maybe it’s because the music seems to throw off the entire video, but we feel as if it fell a little short of our expectations.

Watson wanders into a bookstore (looking quite fancy, with slicked back strands and a mini skirt) and leaves behind her fedora while there. The boy she meets comes to her rescue and returns it, and they share what seems to be a magical kiss as the hat finds its way from his head back to hers. Although we love the makeup and Watson’s look, we were hoping for a bit more of an edge from the fragrance ad — but as the scent is aiming for a younger audience, maybe this is exactly what the brand was looking for — a mysterious storyline with two young, adorable characters to simply keep you intrigued.

What do you think?

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