Hairstylist on Emma Watson: “The Pixie Cut Was a Rebirth For Her”

Augusta Falletta

Between her latest film “The Bling Ring” becoming an instant hit and her August Teen Vogue cover, Emma Watson is proving that she’s not only a mainstay in pop culture, she’s also the “it” girl to watch. The actress, who captured our hearts as Hermione in Harry Potter with her larger than life frizzy hair, transitioned into Hollywood royalty the day she chopped her hair into a pixie cut. She continues to push the boundaries of beauty by playing with bold makeup looks and edgy hairstyles, all while staying down to Earth. If nothing else, Emma is an absolute inspiration to girls everywhere, proving that a haircut can change a life. Now that’s something we can get behind.

Because we’re so intrigued by Emma’s hair (among other things), we needed to get a professional take on the girl who can take on any style, so we went to hairstylist Isabel Guillen at John Barrett Salon. Read below for Isabel’s take on pixie cuts, summer hair and how to take inspiration from Emma’s hair evolution to change your own look!

Beauty High: Some people say that Emma cutting her hair into a pixie was the best move she could have made for her career. Do you agree? 

Isabel Guillen: I do agree – sometimes a big change gives a rebirth; Emma’s pixie cut was absolutely a rebirth for her. She beautifully jumped from Harry Potter right into womanhood.

How can the rest of us take inspiration (like the pixie haircut) from Emma and change our style without being too drastic? 

The inspiration should be about change and what makes you look and feel more fabulous that you already are! Taking Emma’s inspiration, see what’s most flattering on your face shape, hair texture, density, etc. Try a soft side-swept bang, it’s not too drastic and it makes a statement. Layers tend to bring a lot of freedom and movement into a style, just like Emma’s fun pixie hairstyle. If you have long hair, bring it up a notch. It’ll automatically bring more fullness and a healthier, lighter look and feel to it. If you’re the type of girl who likes to experiment, Emma’s longer version of a more graduated bob is ideal for you. Have fun with your locks!

Where would you like to see Emma’s style go next? 

I love Emma Watson no matter the style, but I will say the shorter, the better. It makes her more of an interesting young woman than she already is. No matter what she decides on, she’ll absolutely rock it!

We can’t stop gawking over Emma’s braided hairstyle from “The Bling Ring” premiere. How would you go about styling this look? 

It’s vital to prepare your locks by blow drying with no tension, softening unwanted flyaways. Beautiful hair appreciates all the love and care you can give. A more natural feel as the end result is always a plus when it comes to the braiding process.

  1. Make sure to protect your hair from the heat as well as adding shine to it as necessary.
  2. Section your hair on either side by making a heavy part that would look most flattering on you.
  3. On the heavy side, French braid all the way down to the top of your ear, taking sections from the hairline only, then finish your braid and secure with a clear elastic.
  4. Take the less heavy side and French braid all the way to the nape of your neck and around until there is no hair left to braid, and secure with a clear elastic.
  5. Take the braided tail from the heavier side that was previously braided and pin it in back of the crown, incorporating it with the rest of the braided style.
  6. Again, take the less heavy sided braid and pin it slightly up in back of the head, incorporating it with the rest of the hair. In the back, the braided updo more or less should form the shape of an “S.”
  7. If you feel that the braids look a bit thin, you can always opt to fan the sides out so it would give the illusion of a more intricate textured braid.

Do you have any tips for keeping hair healthy throughout the summer? 

Most definitely!

  • Trims, trims, trims. As you all know, hot weather can be a big no-no for your locks. Hair goes through a lot of harsh changes when heat comes along, making dry, brittle hair with split ends that ultimately become breakage; this is why it’s always good to keep right on your haircut appointments. A trim goes a long way, making it feel healthy, strong and revived once again (4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks depending on the overall quality of your hair).
  • Protect against environmental aggressors. Some people like to opt for hats which is a great idea to avoid exposure to the sun, however during this time of year, finding the right styling products that protect your hair from the heat (a leave-in conditioner or a hydrating shampoo and conditioner) is the key to providing all nourishment your hair desperately needs.
  • Hair treatments. Beautiful, lustrous hair can be your greatest accessory if you treat it with care. Keep your locks our of the heat by blow drying less during the summertime and with more regular visits to the salon for deep conditioning treatments at least once or twice a month.
  • Braid away! Learn to embrace your locks and braid, braid, braid. It’s a huge savior for those hot and humid summer days!

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