Emma Chamberlain’s Hair Color Is like Dua Lipa’s—In Reverse

Elizabeth Denton
Emma Chamberlain’s Hair Color Is like Dua Lipa’s—In Reverse
Photo: Shutterstock.

We thought Dua Lipa’s hair was the most unique celebrity look right now, with the bright-blonde on top and dark brown on the bottom. But Emma Chamberlain’s hair color just took Lipa’s look and flipped it on its head. The YouTube star, who has racked up more than a billion video views, is at home in Los Angeles, social distancing like the rest of us. But pre-isolation, she chopped her hair and dyed it one of the coolest shades we’ve seen. Watch out, Dua Lipa.

Chamberlain is known for her long brown hair she wears in VSCO girl-style buns and loose waves. But in true YouTuber fashion, she enlisted hairstylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin to cut her long, straggly hair on Atkin’s own YouTube channel. “I love you, I think you’re so good at what you do,” Atkin tells the 18-year-old. “But your hair…” Chamberlain gives Atkin full-reign to do whatever she wants to do. “Just make me date-able, though,” Chamberlain says. “I’m very single right now.”

That’s when Atkin ties Chamberlain’s hair back and proceeds to use a hair clipper to cut inches off. They turn the monitor off so Chamberlain can’t see what’s happening and she’s obviously pretty nervous. Luckily though, Atkin knows what she’s doing and the mid-length cut is super chic on the YouTuber. “Oh, it’s so much better than I thought,” Chamberlain says happily as she sees herself in the mirror.

But Chamberlain didn’t stop there. She visited colorist Daniel Moon for a trendy two-tone look. The shades are similar to Dua Lipa’s chunky ’00s-style but in reverse. Chamberlain now has dark hair on top and mid-tone blonde hair underneath.

It looks like the early-2000s beauty and fashion trends aren’t going away anytime soon.