Emilia Clarke Cut Her Hair into a Chin-Length Bob, and She Looks So Chic

Emilia Clarke
Photo: Getty Images

The bob is officially back— wait, did it go anywhere? Even though the hairstyle never completely died—because it could never—it has, however, made a major resurgence atop the heads of celebrities this spring.

The latest to make the chop is “Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clarke, who posted two photos on Wednesday as she prepped for a stint on “Good Morning America.” While the first skirted the subject of her newly chopped hair and instead focused on her job as Mother of Dragons, she couldn’t hold back her excitement about her new chin-length bob in the second picture. 

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And since there’s no pulling Clarke away from Khaleesi, she credited the shorter style to her character: “In other news this FABULOUS new bob is the chicest way to style out some burnt out mother of dragons split ends… #everypunintended #whenyourendslooklikeawildlingsitstimetochop”

The haircut, which was the work of celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho (who has also worked with stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Amanda Seyfried), was a significant chop from Clarke’s previous shoulder-grazing hair. To give you a visual, Clarke rocked shoulder-length hair to an interview with Jimmy Fallon a couple of days ago, meaning that Cho took off several inches to give the actress her flirty new bob.

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The bob, indeed, is a chic way to revitalize dead ends—whether they come from your fire-breathing dragons or everyday upkeep. Not only does Clarke’s hair look fresh and healthy, but the style completely suits her. Bobs for everyone!