Emergency Beauty Items For An Overnight Stay

Rachel Adler

Photo: iStock.com

Everyone has been caught in this situation before you arrive at your travel destination for your weekend getaway and to your horror, you have forgotten your entire bag of toiletries. No foundation to cover up your bags from the red eye that you just took and no concealer for those blemishes that popped up during your journey.

In case you find yourself stuck in one of these emergency situations, we’ve compiled a list of everyday products to get you out of a jam. So take a deep breath, stop yelling at your boyfriend for rushing you out the door to catch your flight, and simply raid the medicine cabinet.

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Colgate Whitening, $3.99, drugstore.com

Toothpaste is a savior if you’ve been left to battle your skin blemishes without any defensive mechanisms. The paste dries out blemishes like a charm but I would only advise leaving this gooey mess on during the night!

Toilet Paper
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Photo: istock.com

If you’ve left behind your mattifying papers and have vacayed to Florida for the weekend, don’t fret. Taking toilet paper or better yet, the toilet seat guards in a public bathroom are a great substitute for a blotting sheet. Stick a few in your bag and you’ll be shine free all day.

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Vaseline, $2.99, cvs.com

This miracle product can not only act as your chapstick in crisis situations, but also help to tame your brows and prep your lashes. If you’re extremely desperate, you can also use this gel as a moisturizer.

Dryer Sheets
96403 1280259812 Emergency Beauty Items For An Overnight Stay
Bounce Dryer Sheets, $4.99, walgreens.com

Sneak down into the hotel laundry room and swipe a couple of dryer sheets from the maid’s cart to fight the static left over from the airplane blanket. Gently wiping the sheet through your hair should fight those flyaways in no time.

Baking Soda
96402 1280259812 Emergency Beauty Items For An Overnight Stay
Baking Soda, $2.99, drugstore.com

One of the worst products to realize you’ve forgotten is deodorant. You’ve managed to refresh your skin, but now you need to keep your body smelling fresh all day. Try mixing an eighth of Baking Soda with a quarter teaspoonful of water and place underneath your arms you’ll be fresh all day!

Hemorrhoid Cream
96405 1280259813 Emergency Beauty Items For An Overnight Stay
Preparation H, $6.49, walgreens.com

It has been said for years that hemorrhoid creams can save you from puffy under eyes. If you can get your hands on the cream version (no wipes!), apply underneath your eyes to look well rested no concealer needed!

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