Target Is Making It Easier to Get Your Hands on This Cult-Favorite French Moisturizer

Rachel Krause

embryolisse lait creme concentre Target Is Making It Easier to Get Your Hands on This Cult Favorite French Moisturizer
You’ve probably heard of Embryolisse, but here’s a quick refresher just in case: The cultiest of cult skin care, the French brand’s Lait-Crème Concentré has been the preferred primer, moisturizer, and makeup remover of models, makeup artists, and chic, in-the-know Parisians for decades. It’s in every MUA’s backstage kit, every runway stunner’s handbag, and on the top shelf of every pharmacie.

But up until recently, it wasn’t easy to score Embryolisse in the States without resorting to shady websites or buttering up a generous jet-setting friend. You can now find a few of the products, including the Lait-Crème Concentré and equally culty Lotion Micellaire, online at Sephora, but the rest of the line has remained an overseas-only secret … until now.

Starting January 18, the full selection of Embryolisse products will be stocked online at Target, as well as in select Target stores. This means that not only will we finally be able to get our hands on the classics, but we’ll be privy to the lesser-known choices as well, like the Lip Protection Stick, the Filaderme Émulsion for seriously dry, flaky skin, and the Eau de Beaute Rosamèlis, an alcohol-free flower essence toner that we’re thrilled about.

Embryolisse is about to be more than just a backstage secret—now women nationwide can score the dewy, baby-fresh skin the brand is so beloved for. It’s also a huge coup for Target, which in the past few years has been making a concentrated effort to better its beauty offerings. This release may be just the thing to turn the megastore into an actual beauty destination, finally sealing the deal on making it a place we can buy both our luxury skin care and our jumbo trash bags.