Elsa Hosk Shares Her Secret Beauty Talent—Plus Her Go-To Eyeliner

Caitlin S. Miller
elsa hosk story Elsa Hosk Shares Her Secret Beauty Talent—Plus Her Go To Eyeliner

Photo: Michael Stewart / Getty Images

It’s not everyday you get to pick the brain of a Victoria’s Secret model, but when you do, you’d be amazed at just how normal they are. No, seriously. Just take Elsa Hosk, the 27-year-old Swedish model, who we ran into at a launch party for Victoria’s Secret’s new fragrance, Love Me More ($58, victoriassecret.com). Hosk was bubbly, chatty, and had the hair of our dreams. Alas we didn’t get the secret to her perfect waves—turns out she’s actually just born with great hair—we did get her to spill her secret beauty skill, her go-to eyeliner, and the mistake she made on her first job!

On her go-to beauty look for date night 
“I like lots of lashes, beautiful eyes, nude lips—very simple but still striking.”

On her secret beauty talent
“I’m really good at doing eyeliner. That’s my go-to look! I know a lot of people struggle with eyeliner, but I love it. I think I learned so many tricks from makeup artists. My trick is that you go really thin inside [the eye], and then you go thicker and thicker and thicker. And then you flick it more straight out. Most people go up too much.”

On her favorite eyeliner
“I use this really great pencil from Kat Von D. She has the Tattoo Pencil—it’s so good. It’s a wet eyeliner!” [Editor’s note: Hosk is a fan of Daily Makeover favorite, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($19, sephora.com)]

On the right way to wear perfume
“I think it depends what kind of perfume you’re wearing. If you’re wearing the Love Me More fragrance that’s here in the stories right now—it’s our newest fragrance—it’s kind of on the heavier side. It’s very sexy, and it’s got more of a darker feel. I would probably put it here around my neck just because it’s sexier. If someone leans in and kisses you, they will smell it. And if you’re wearing something more fruity and light, a more everyday kind of perfume, I would maybe put it here (points to wrists) so it’s not as sensual.”

On her biggest beauty blunder
“One time when I first started modeling, I thought that you styled yourself going to shoots. It was my first job, so I thought, ‘What should I do?’ Because I saw all the magazines with different hairstyles and things, and I took all my hair like in the front, and I just cut like this (motions for straight across bangs). So my bangs were like ‘Bing!’ So I showed up to work—it was for this artsy magazine—and they were like, ‘We love it!’ And they put me on the cover with this crazy bang, but then of course they were like, ‘You should never do this. You should never do anything drastic before a shoot!’ I was like, ‘Oh there are actually hairstylists [on set] here that will do my hair!’ It was very ’90s of me to think that I did my own hair and makeup!”

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