Elle MacPherson’s Food and Fitness Diary (This Is Why She Looks So Damn Good)

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If we were to name the women we wished we looked like, Elle MacPherson would undoubtedly top the list: Even at 51 years old, her superhuman beauty—and that body—rivals most models half her age. So it’s a given that we (and, probably, the rest of the female population) are dying to know what she’s doing that we’re not. We know genes are half the battle, but there’s got to be a few wellness tricks up the supermodel and health guru’s sleeve, right?

To find out, we chatted with Elle and uncovered the secrets that keep her looking so amazing. She explained why she doesn’t “work out” (though she does stay active), what she eats on a daily basis, and the benefits of her health supplement that’s been getting tons of buzz. Keep reading for some seriously inspirational health talk.

I start an average day by… Drinking 500 milliliters (about 16 ounces) of room temperature water every day upon waking up. This is followed by warm water and lemon to start the alkaline process. It’s so important to stay hydrated and I aim to have three liters of water a day (approximately 33 ounces). I meditate before anything for about 30 minutes.

The ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are… Good raw coconut water, butter (because I love it), reduced balsamic vinegar, and great olive oil. Water in glass bottles and raw chocolate are always there too.

For breakfast I had… Warm lemon water followed by sunflower seed toast with sliced avocado and fresh seasonal fruit—watermelon and figs. Yesterday, I had chia and coconut milk pudding. I think variety is key. I follow breakfast by taking two teaspoons of Super Elixir in coconut water in my water bottle with me as I head out the door.

For lunch I had… A vegetarian kale salad with some of my favorite ingredients—avocado, beets, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, and quinoa.

For dinner I had… Fresh fish and vegetables.

Today I snacked on… A delicious shake made with our new Super Elixir Nourishing Protein. It’s a super-clean, pea and sprouted brown rice protein powder that is Peruvian chocolate flavor. I take it with vanilla almond milk and ice in a blender, and it’s a great partner that works together with the Super Elixir as it’s an all-plant protein that is also alkalizing.

The one thing I would never eat is… Never say never! But I do focus on an alkaline way of eating which includes lots of fruit, vegetables, and plant food and less red meat and dairy.

My favorite workout is… I don’t work out, really—instead I just try to be active for one hour a day. I really believe that when you combine the fun with the physical benefits it doubles the impact, so I waterski, ski, windsurf, paddleboard, swim, or I go for a hike.

Elle MacphersonPhoto: Welleco

My guilty pleasure food is… I have pleasure, but no guilt! I love dark chocolate, merengue, and anything coconut, and also Starbucks with my kids, which I do very rarely. I eat most things I love—in moderation. I’ve learned what doesn’t work for me, it’s all about being aware.

The next big health and fitness trend will be… I believe people are really starting to focus on inner body wellness—beauty from the inside out, eating in cleaner, more nourishing ways, and being knowledgeable about what they put into their bodies and how this effects the way they feel and look.

My favorite healthy restaurant is… I always make a trip to Daylesford Organic whenever I’m in the U.K. for “real food” that’s fresh, organic, sustainable and locally sourced.

My favorite healthy snack is… I love soaked raw almonds in spring water and always keep some around the house to snack on, and my new nourishing super protein shake.

Some of the fitness blogs I love include… The Chalkboard Magazine, Bonberi, and Mind Body Green. All are run by smart, health-conscious women who look at wellness from physical and mental perspectives.

I’m obsessed with following… @superelixir for great tips on leading a balances, alkaline lifestyle. Also, @outerknown is Kelly Slater’s new sustainable fashion brand focusing on sustainability, travel and style, and they have created a beautiful Instagram dedicated to drawing inspiration from nature and creative individuals. The juxtaposed images on @jillkellet are intoxicating; I follow @natgeotravel for constant inspiration on where to take my family to next, and @indiahicksstyle always makes me laugh.

My biggest health tip for travelers is to… Stay hydrated. Water is a great way to remove all unwanted retention (especially after flying) and feel lean for summer. I take two teaspoons of The Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens in 500 ml (roughly 17 o) of water just before I get on plane and when I arrive to help combat jet lag, and I drink three liters of water a day.

My signature healthy dish is… Avocado and chili on sunflower seed toast.

The health app I couldn’t live without is… Wahoo Fitness, it’s great. The app is linked to a heart rate monitor which is ideal for tracking your progress, while doing outdoor activities like cycling and running swimming.

The top three songs on my workout playlist right now are… My 17-year-old son looked after our tunes all summer. He has amazing remixes, but don’t ask me the names.

The best part of my job is… I get to create products I wish existed on the market.

My favorite activewear brands are… Kate Hudson’s Fabletics come in great styles and patterns, I love Global Babe sunhats to protect my skin while outdoors, and Melissa Odabash does the best swimwear and cover-ups.

My summer health tip is… Start each day with The Super Elixir, and if you can, swim for 45 minutes. It’s easy on the body, has fast results and is fun to do on hot days. Summer is the best time to get outside and be active.

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