Elle Fanning Joins The Ranks Of The Redheads

Rachel Adler

Elle Fanning is the latest celebrity to dye her hair red, following behind Lindsay Lohan’s change back to her natural redheaded roots just last week. The previously fair blonde 13-year-old hasn’t ever made a drastic change to her hair before, but she has proven she will go the lengths for a role.

Elle made the switch to a fiery red hue for her part in Bomb, a period drama in which Elle plays a Cold War-era teen caught up in a personal struggle between saving the world from nuclear annihilation as well as several rifts within her family. Perhaps we now understand why the role requires such a fierce redheaded shade…

Either way, we think Elle pulls off the shade well against her fair skin tone. And although the hue is admittedly rather trendy right now, we hope it doesn’t go away anytime soon. If you can rock the red, go for it!

What do you think of Elle’s new hair color? Are you planning on switching up your hair color for spring?

Images via sipausa.com/justjared.com