News: Elizabeth Olsen’s Major Red Carpet Beauty Moment; A Guide to Designer Beauty Brands

Victoria Moorhouse
Elizabeth Olsen Beautu

Francois Durand / Getty Images

We will forever love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens‘ tousled, messy waves, but the designers’ little sister Elizabeth Olsen is making beauty moves of her own. The actress wore her golden blonde hair in cascading waves paired with a subtle metallic eye and a glossy lip to the premiere of “Ruth and Alex.”  Hands down, the glowy look is one of her best to date. [Getty]

Don’t hate on the resting bitch face. Apparently, that frown has some advantages. According to a new study, women with resting bitch face are better at communicating and have stronger self-awareness. Just because you look like a Negative Nancy, doesn’t mean you are one. [Marie Claire]

If you’re going to shell out dough on a designer beauty product, you might as well know what products are actually worth all that cash. This shopping guide, which highlights what each luxe brand does best, will help you out. [StyleCaster Beauty]

Of course Lauren Conrad‘s first ever New York Fashion Week runway show for Kohl’s would include drop dead gorgeous beauty looks. From loose braids to soft eye makeup, you won’t want to wait until spring to DIY these dreamy creations. [POPSUGAR Beauty]