Elizabeth Arden’s Anti-Aging Moisturization

Samantha Blake

Wrinkles, lines, age spots, discoloration, and lackluster skin, oh my! The signs of aging that every woman faces in the mirror can leave anyone obsessively examining and trying to hide unwelcome crow’s feet and frown lines, but applying thicker coats of concealer and foundation shouldn’t be your go-to solution.

Instead, backtrack to the step following your morning facial cleanser: moisturizer. The crucial part of the every day pre-makeup regimen that cannot be skipped. The ideal moisturizer should be formulated with at least SPF 15 and provide an even layer of hydration and toning.

Elizabeth Arden’s new Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 claims to diminish aforementioned signs of aging and UV damage using antioxidants while preventing future environmental factors from wreaking havoc on the skin, as proven effective in recent expert studies.

What separates this moisturizer from any other in the department store? The Environmental Protection Factor (EPF), a crucial new criteria that measures a product’s antioxidant’s ability to protect skin against “free radical damage,” or the sun’s rays, natural elements, smoke, pollution and unfortunately, simply getting older.

The system gave Prevage’s main active ingredient in antioxidant protection, idebenone, a 95 score out of a possible EPF100. The formula is also nice to sensitive skin, so it’s a universal skin treatment. Look out for the new rating system when making future skin purchases—;after all, you shouldn’t be spending your hard-earned cash on empty beauty product promises. Plus, you can make it a head to toe experience with the Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti-aging Moisturizer. This moisturizer won the 2009 Marie Claire 25 Best Beauty Products of the Year and 2008 Allure Beauty Editors’ Choice of Best Beauty for Best Splurge awards winner.

Elizabeth Arden prevage day ultra protection anti-aging moisturizer SPF 30, $125, available at prevageskin.com in September.