Elisabeth Moss’s New Coppery Red Hair Color is to Die For

Rachel Krause

What’s more adorable than Elisabeth Moss‘s gorgeous new red hair color? Take a wild guess—if you guessed “Elisabeth Moss showing off said new hair color while holding a rescue kitten,” you’re right on target. The actress took to Instagram (which she doesn’t do often!) not only to support pet adoption, but also to give us a peek at her coppery color. Could she be any dreamer?

Elisabeth—or Lizzie, as we hear she prefers to be called—has been sporting a buttery blonde shade for quite some time now, so we’re a bit surprised, but not at all disappointed, by her decision to make the switch. We imagine it’s for her upcoming role in “The Free World,” an indie film she’ll star in alongside Boyd Holbrook, but we kind of hope she’ll stick with the shade after the movie wraps.

The actress can clearly pull off anything, but we stand firmly in our belief that this may be one of her very best hair colors yet. Now, get out of here and go adopt a kitten!

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