Beauty Buzz: Elisabeth Moss is Back to Blonde, All You Need to Know About Micro-Needling, More

Rachel Adler
Elisabeth Moss

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

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1. Elisabeth Moss has gone back to her lighter locks – this time opting for a strawberry blonde hue. [Daily Makeover]

2. Emma Roberts showed off long extensions and blonde hair after her latest visit to the salon. [People StyleWatch]

3. If you’re looking to change up your go-to makeup look, this gold under-the-eye liner may just do the trick. [The Beauty Department]

4. Since we always want to know (admit it, you do) here’s your guide to celebrity boob jobs. [StyleCaster]

5. A new trend in skin-care, micro-needling, promises great things – at a cost. We’re talking tiny needles all over your face. Is it worth it? [Byrdie]