I Wear a Cat Eye Every Day & The Only Liquid Liner I Use Is Just $6 at Amazon

I Wear a Cat Eye Every Day & The Only Liquid Liner I Use Is Just $6 at Amazon
Photo: Courtesy of Brittany Leitner.

There are a few truths I live by every day. The first is to be kind to people in every interaction, the second is to never second guess myself and the third is to never, ever use pencil eyeliner. Why? Because the bad bitch look is all about an extreme black look that’s sharper than your kitchen knives, and liquid eyeliner is the only kind that can achieve this. I’m sorry but I just don’t make the rules, I simply abide by them. It’s the bolder the better when it comes to eyeliner, which is why I only use E.L.F’s waterproof liquid liner to create my cat eye looks. And let me tell you, not a day goes by when people don’t ask me how I got my wings so sharp, so I must be doing something right.

But just like my beliefs about mascara, you don’t have to buy an expensive formula to get the cat eye of your dreams. I actually happened upon the liquid liner I use every day by chance last year when I was traveling. I found myself in California without my liquid liner in sight, so I went to the nearest CVS to pick one up. I opted for this waterproof option from ELF because it had a felt tip that makes it easy to draw on a liner as thick or as thin as I want it, and since it was labeled waterproof, I guessed it wouldn’t smudge throughout the day.

I can’t believe how right I was. Almost a year later, it’s become my favorite eyeliner to use, and—I’m about to shock you—I still have the same product I picked up on that day a year ago. Seriously, this thing never runs out.

e.l.f. h20 proof eyeliner

Courtesy of Amazon.

E.L.F. H2O Proof Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

Although I’d never wear waterproof mascara (it’s just too rough on my eyes to scrub it off), I love opting for waterproof eyeliners. It seriously doesn’t budge all day long and when I’m ready to take it off, it comes off fully after I use makeup remover on my eyes and then wash with my favorite Dr. Lancer cleanser.

I love to extend my eyeliner out near to the edge of my eyebrow, but only in the thinnest line possible, which this eyeliner was built to do. I can layer it on my eyelid and extend it out to a barely-there thin line. You have all the control when you have this eyeliner pen in your hands.

And I’m not the only one who loves it. One shopper said it “dries fast, doesn’t smudge, lasts all day,” and I couldn’t agree more. Another one of my favorite things about this liner is how black the black is. Makeup girlies, you know what I’m talking about. This liner goes on blacker than black and stays that way all day. It dries with a matte finish, but it never looks dull or grey.

Another shopper wrote, “This is the best eyeliner I’ve EVER used. And I’ve used so many brands I’ve lost count.”

Seriously, get your hands on this $6 liner . You won’t regret it and seriously, LMK how many people ask you for your wing liner tips after you rock it.