e.l.f. Added $10 Booster Drops to Its Ultra-Affordable Skin-Care Range

e.l.f. Added $10 Booster Drops to Its Ultra-Affordable Skin-Care Range
Photo: ImaxTree

We love e.l.f. Cosmetics for more than a few reasons, but the under-$10 price tags are what keep everybody–including us–coming back for more. The majority of the brand’s tenure has been dedicated to affordable makeup products, like the best selling brush sets and Flawless Finish Foundation, but it’s all about skin-care in 2018.

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So far, we’ve gotten a line of sheet masks, an Active Collection for the gym rats, the Beauty Shield line-up for protection against pollution and now, there’s a set of skin boosters bringing us one step closer to the lit-from-within glow, whether you wear makeup or not. There’s three different versions that retail for $10 each.

The “Antioxidant” one is made with  Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Snow Mushroom Extract for brightening hydration, while a “Sunkissed” formula is made with Vitamin E and Argan oil, and a “Hydrating” version is infused with Vitamin E. All three options can be used alone or mixed in with the coverage of your choice; the latter being an expert-approved method for making the skin look dewy instead of greasy.

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As of now, the boosters are only available online, but here’s hoping e.l.f. will put them in physical stores, too. If our skin needs a pick-me-up, we might need to grab it on-the-go and overnight shipping just won’t do.