18th-Century Meets Williamsburg Hipster at Ruffian Spring 2013

18th-Century Meets Williamsburg Hipster at Ruffian Spring 2013
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It’s only day three of New York Fashion Week and the trends are already building up. Yesterday at Rag & Bone, Global Artistic Director for Revlon and Fashion Week veteran, Gucci Westman, opted for bold brows as a major focal point of the makeup look. Now, it looks as though James Kaliardos got the statement arches memo. Backstage at Ruffian, James led the MAC Cosmetics team to create a look inspired by “a Bouchet painting from the eighteenth century and Williamsburg hipsters.” The models wore a soft gray shadow on the lid and plenty of contour on the cheeks to compliment the brows. The lips were painted with none other than two shades of MAC Ruffian Lipstick from the collaboration between the design house and makeup brand. Most of the models wore Ruffian Naked, while just a few models wore Ruffian Red.

Over in the hair department, Neil Moodie and his team of Bumble and Bumble stylists created a cool, rockabilly coif that meshed with the “couture meets street” collection perfectly. He started out by layering Bumble and Bumble Prep Spray and Styling Cream from roots to ends and power drying “so hair is a little matted and textured.” To create the fun pompadour, Neil dried the hair with a large bristle brush to get some height and back-combed the bangs for that rock and roll look. He stayed away from blowing it all the way through so hair isn’t too smooth at the ends. The sides were sleek so the pouf received all the attention.

Our favorite part of the look was definitely the nails created by Keri Blair for MAC Cosmetics. Models wore pink, blue, yellow, or white polish with nail “jewelry” on the ring and pinky nails. Keri glued small, gold filigree right on top of the color. “I actually sat and hand bent each filigree to fit the nail bed,” said Keri. “It took me two hours.” Just don’t go searching for the nail colors yet. The four shades with a subtle reflection are a new texture MAC is testing out. “We are hoping that they come to life at some point,” said Keri. Us, too!

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A model and her sky high pompadour. 

Ruffian Naked on the lips and blue, filigree tips. 

Final touches backstage. 

The back of the hair created by Neil Moodie for Bumble and Bumble. 

Keri Blair shows off the filigree used as nail jewelry. 

Gold filigree adorned nails. 

One of the few models wearing Ruffian Red lipstick.

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