Effortless Bronze Glows at ADAM

Erika Valente
Fashion Week Spring 2010 ADAM backstage makeup

The matte bronze “rich girl” makeup.

The ADAM girl this season was the girl we love to hate — effortlessly gorgeous and easily chic. MAC lead makeup artist Romy Soleimani created a matte, bronze “rich girl at the end of summer, hanging out in Europe look.” She used Face And Body Foundation in C5 on all models to create skin that was tawny with a sheer, matte finish.

On cheeks she used a medium matte bronzer all over the face, applying it with a heavy hand. She then layered a lighter amount of a dark bronze with a bit of shimmer on the high points of the face.

On the eyes she used a flesh-toned shadow that was “just a drop darker” than the skin color all over the lid, curled the lashes and did not apply any mascara. On the inner corner of eyes she used a golden tan shade of a new product from MAC called Crushed Metal. “It’s not a glitter and it’s not a pearl pigment, it’s a combination of textures,” said Soleimani. “I’m going to be obsessed with this for spring.” (Us too)!

Lips were a sheer pinky-beige, which she then layered over with another new product for spring called Matte Mixing Medium. “It mattifies without being cakey or heavy — it makes lips look like suede,” she said.

Fashion Week Spring 2010 ADAM backstage hair

D’Is creates his naturally textured hairstyle.

Barex lead stylist Yannick D’Is complemented this effortless makeup look with a hairstyle that was equally easy and chic. “It’s all about really natural texture,” he said. D’Is added Tricolife Serum to hair to make it healthy before he started styling. then parted it down the middle and sprayed with a little bit of Gloss Shine Spray to add texture.

Next he divided hair into two sections, one on each side of the head, and twisted each up into a messy bun, which he pinned and let sit for five minutes. He then undid the buns and finger tousled hair to create a slightly wavy, textured hairstyle that was young, fresh and, of course, effortless.