Eating Your Hair Dye and Exfoliating with Your Beer?

Amanda Elser

Here’s what’s going on in the beauty world to take you into your weekend:

Bond No. 9 is coming out with an “I Love NY” collection of fragrances to commemorate September 11. Anyone else have the undying urge to spritz and belt-out Frank Sinatra? (WWD)

Hair dye you can eat? No-uh-thank-uh-you. While we are all for multi-tasking to save time, we feel strongly that dying your hair and eating a snack should be two separate occasions. (bellasugar)

Alexa Chung says that Mick Jagger and Brian Jones are her hair idols…it all makes sense now. (sassybella)

Revlon’s Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman sometimes uses beer to exfoliate her body. Cheers to that beauty regime! (refinery29)

We were already wary of Snooki’s perfume, but now that we know the scent will give off a “DTF” aroma, we will definitely be staying far, far away. (us magazine)

And, to send you off with some wise words from the Twitterverse:

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