5 Ridiculously Easy Updos to Try Right Now

5 Ridiculously Easy Updos to Try Right Now
Photo: ImaxTree

Unless you’re a hairstyling wizard, the idea of successfully creating a gorgeous, mind-blowing, easy updo this weekend is as likely as Tom Hanks texting you to hang out and bake cookies this weekend (DREAMS, am I right?). And sure, you’ve probably tried your hand at YouTube tutorials before—which, more often than not, leave you feeling like you’re speaking a different language with a bunch of thumbs for fingers—or even read a really long, in-depth article about how to get the perfect updo, step-by-step, and it’s all gibberish to you.

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Hey, we’ve been there. And it sucks. But we blame the difficulties not on you, but on the tutorials and articles you’re reading. So to help you get over the hump, we compiled our five favorite updos that are not only quick and easy (and we’re not joking around with the “easy” part, here), but seriously gorgeous, so you can get in, get out, and get on with your life, without spending the night in front of the mirror.

1. Braided and wrapped bun

Yes, we tried this twisted updo, and yes, you really can pull off it off in under three minutes (provided this isn’t the first time you’ve ever attempted a braid in your life).


2. Double-braided puff

Two tight side braids and a whole bunch of mini buns give definition and volume to this natural updo.


3. The ultimate short-hair updo

A bun, some volume, and a few bobby pins give this surprisingly easy updo a definitive black-tie vibe.


4. Wrap-around twisted crown

Don’t let looks deceive you—this “braided” crown is actually a two-strand twist wrapped and pinned around the head. Translation: Easy, easy, easy.


5. Hairline-braided bun

Two tight, slick braids with clean edges around the face contrast with a gorgeous mess of curls for the perfect low-key updo.


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Photo: ImaxTree