5 Amazingly Easy (and So-Pretty) Updos for Long Hair

5 Amazingly Easy (and So-Pretty) Updos for Long Hair
Photo: ImaxTree

If you have long, thick, shampoo-commercial-worthy hair, then, uh, go away, because we’re really envious of you. OK, OK, come back. We know (or, we’ve been told, at least) that having long hair isn’t always the joyous event it appears to be, because sometimes, you just don’t want  your heavy hair hanging on your neck. Sometimes, you want to have a cute little updo like your thin-haired friends, without needing 200 heavy-duty bobby pins and a can of hairspray. And that’s where we come in.

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We scoured the interwebs to find a definitive list of the best long-hair tutorials that even hair newbs can do on themselves. And no, not one of these looks involves sausage curls or prom-like poofs. So keep reading to see our favorite videos, then break out your brush and mirror, because someone’s getting their hair done tonight. (It’s you.)

Twist-and-Rolled Bun

Alright, yes, this one looks a bit fancier than your average ponytail, but we promise it won’t look stuffy, as long as you don’t spray the hell out of it with hairspray.


Triple-Layered Updo

This insanely pretty updo looks sculpturesque, but is actually the result of multiple two-strand twists and braids wrapped and pinned together.


Super-Soft Lace Braid

If you can braid your hair, tie a messy bun, and make the whole thing look a bit messy (trust us—you can), then you can master this super simple, and surprisingly pretty bun.


Halo Braid

Do not fear the crown braid. Sure, it looks unattainably pretty and difficult, but we promise it’s weirdly easy with long hair. Just braid, braid, braid until you’re out of hair, and wrap it around your head like a crown. Boom.


Messy Top-Knot Bun

Alright, we’re throwin’ in a half-updo, because vlogger Bree Kish has the hair of our dreams, and we can’t not share this style. Check out her super fast and simple topknot, using only a few pins and elastics.

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