Easy Tricks to Prevent Oily Hair

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Sporting greasy, flat hair is a surefire way to bring your day down, especially when it seems like no amount of dry shampoo can revive it. Sometimes greasy hair seems to get to the point of no return, and it’s frustrating to feel the need to wash it every day. However, it turns out that very notion may be one of the causes behind your oily hair, among many other culprits. To help keep your hair looking fresh and clean every day (even when you’re sporting second or third day hair), we’ve put together a list of some tips to prevent oily hair from making an appearance in the first place.

The Problem: Using Too Many Products
If you’re like us and love testing out the latest and greatest hair products, we totally get it. Unfortunately, using too many products at once (i.e. mousse, hairspray, serum, etc.) causes build-up on both your roots and your strands.

The Solution
Less is more, truly. Also,  it’s a good rule of thumb to avoid oil-based products, since oil is the very thing you’re trying to avoid. Silicone is also a very heavy and greasy component of some hair care products, so avoid it at all costs.

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The Problem: Shampoo Build-Up
Much like the build-up you may be experiencing from certain hair products, some shampoos are also a bit too harsh and can irritate the hair follicle, causing oil production and (you guessed it) build-up.

The Solution

In order to prevent this, rotate out your shampoos by using a gentle, silicone-free shampoo most days and a clarifying shampoo once a week. Try Fekkai’s Applie Cider Clarifying Shampoo for an anti-build-up, deep cleansing treatment.

The Problem: Washing Your Hair the Wrong Way
Gathering your hair on top of your head and lathering everything at once is actually an ineffective way of washing your hair. The roots aren’t getting as clean as they could be, meaning the job is only about half done.

The Solution
When you first get in the shower, start by lathering up your roots, then slowly pull the shampoo through the rest of your hair to ensure every inch is being cleansed.

The Problem: Your Body Chemistry
Unfortunately the reality may be that your hormones are causing your body to produce an excess of oil, so even if you are taking care to use more natural, gentle products, it may still be difficult to keep oil at bay.

The Solution
Take a trip to your dermatologist and ask them if there are any supplements or prescriptions to help control oil. Never self-prescribe with OTC supplements before consulting with your doctor first.

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The Problem: Frequent Hair Brushing
Brushing your hair actually transfers the oil from your roots throughout the rest of the hair. If you’re an avid hair brusher, your greasy hair may be a result of this.

The Solution
Brush once in the morning and avoid the temptation to self-groom throughout the day. If your hair tangles easily, only focus the brush from the mid-section of the hair, down. This way, the oils at your roots aren’t being touched and transferred.

The Problem: Touching Your Hair Throughout the Day
If you frequently play with your hair or run your fingers through to help fix it up, you’re not doing yourself a favor. The oil from your fingers is now mixing with the oil in your hair, causing a whole mess of grease.

The Solution
Resist the urge to touch your hair!