The Easy Trick for Mastering the Perfect Messy Ponytail

Victoria Moorhouse
kristen wiig messy ponytail how to

Photo: Jason LaVeris /

You can go ahead and unplug that curling wand. Ironically enough, the secret to a perfectly messy hair is all in how you use a flatiron.

That’s what TRESemm√© Celebrity Stylist John D. grabbed to create this tousled ponytail that Kristen Wiig wore at the “Nasty Baby” premiere. Turns out, the beauty tool is good for way more than those pin-straight, sleek hair looks that Kim Kardashian loves so much.

Getting it right is all in how you apply the flatiron to the hair. After prepping and protecting Wiig’s dry hair with TRESemm√© Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray ($5.49,, John D. created “S waves” by bending the flatiron up and down on sections of the hair.

We like to think of this technique as loosely crimping the hair to get that laid-back bend, which tends to be hard to achieve with curling wands that yield tendrils.

After waving all of Wiig’s hair, John D. used his hands to break up the waves and secured her hair into a low ponytail at the nape of her neck. He then gently pulled out the front sections of hair to really embody that relaxed, undone vibe. Bonus: it’s also a pretty genius way to fake side-swept bangs.

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