The Easy Prom Hairstyle Everyone Will Want to Wear

Rachel Adler

Side Braid

Prom is fast-approaching (if it hasn’t already passed you by) and whether you’re getting ready for the big event or you need a fun hairstyle for all of your other summer parties, the side braid is the perfect style to learn now, for any occasion. Depending on the way that you wear the rest of your hair (perfectly curled and coiffed or messy, beachy waves) you can wear this style to a glam event or all summer long – the opportunities are endless.

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We first spotted this look back at the Met Gala on Cara Delevingne, and just had to know how to get it ourselves. So, we teamed up with hairstylists from GLAMSQUAD, a new app that brings stylists to the comfort of your own home, and they taught us exactly how to get the edgy side braid for prom night and beyond. See the steps above on how to get the look, and below stylist Erin Taylor gives us tips for how you can get the look yourself for your big night.

Step 1: Rough dry your hair with a blow dryer.

Step 2: Find your strong side part by using the arch of your eyebrow as a guide.

Step 3: Curl your hair with a curling iron, leaving the ends of your hair out for a tousled look.

Step 4: Create a 3-strand braid starting at the side with your strong part, following down behind the ear.

Step 5: Secure your braid with bobby pins, hiding the pins with your loose hair.

GLAMSQUAD Stylists: Giovanni Vaccaro and Erin Taylor
Photographer: Kristen Bousquet

Model: Molly Carroll