10 Little Things That’ll Make You Feel Sexier in an Instant

Rachel Krause
10 Little Things That’ll Make You Feel Sexier in an Instant
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Look, you know you’re sexy. You’ve got it going it going on, and you definitely don’t need a head-to-toe makeover or a ton of advice on how to be sexy or how to look hot—you just are. However, when you put in a little effort when it comes to your appearance, you look good. And when you look good, you feel good. And feeling good is what true sex appeal is all about.

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Whether you want to look your sexiest for a special event, or just want to be able to strut your stuff on an everyday basis, you can definitely make some minor changes to up your hotness quotient.

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We’ve rounded up 10 of the best tips to make you look (and feel) like the hottest, sexiest, most confident person on the planet. Read on to find out how you can vamp up your life.

Originally published July 2015. Updated August 2017.

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Wear lace

Not only does lace never go out of style, but we suspect it has transformative powers, too—and the experts agree. "Wearing a lacy top or dress can transform a woman into a seductress. It's a way to express your feminine side because when you slip into lace, you automatically feel girly and romantic," says Dr. Ava Cadell, relationship expert and founder of  Loveology University. "Lace has a magical effect on men because they anticipate what's going to happen when the lace comes off." This shot of Minka Kelly in a blue lace dress says it all.

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Play up your eyes

"Men are generally attracted to women with bigger eyes, fuller lips, and bigger breasts because they look youthful and sexy," Dr. Cadell explains. "These attributes are also a sign of fertility, with higher levels of estrogen that make these women good candidates for mating." Here, Mila Kunis is wearing Lancome Color Design Palette in Bronze Amour, a collection of shimmery brown eye shadows that create a smoky eye that's seductive, but not overwhelming.

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Make your lips look pouty

Salma Hayek shared this trick on how she makes her lips look fuller: She highlights the Cupid's bow of her upper lip using the shimmery cream stick (try Tarte Gleam Team Highlighter). When the light hits her face, the shimmer accentuates the curves of her lips, making them look more shapely and plump.

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Play up your cleavage with caution

"A little cleavage is a tantalizing turn-on for a man who enjoys the chase, but too much cleavage can make you look like the hunter and be a turn-off, unless you're a one-night stand," says Dr. Cadell. Here, Malin Akerman strikes the right balance by wearing a low cut top that even reveals a bit of her lacy bra, but because her tatas aren't too big, it looks chic, not cheap. The rule of thumb: The more you are naturally endowed, the less pushing up and out you need to do. A subtle shimmer cream always helps the cause, too.

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Sweep your hair to one side

"Long, sexy hair parted on the side demonstrates a sassy confidence and displays the beauty of feminine bare shoulders," Dr. Cadell says. "Be sure to shrug them seductively when you lock eyes with a man. This is a great flirting technique." We've seen the style everywhere, including here on Emmanuelle Chriqui, so the look is definitely a hot hair trend.

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Wear red

Men who participated in a study conducted by the University of Rochester found women more attractive and sexually desirable when they wore red—in fact, they even said they would spend an average of $15 more on a date with her. The researchers took a photo of a woman who got high scores for her looks on the website and altered the color of her shirt. They found that she got higher ratings when she was wearing red than any other color.

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Wear a simply sexy fragrance

"Since fragrances can heighten a man's sexual magnetism towards a woman, you want to be sure that you apply just a dab to complement your own personal scent, known as pheromones," Dr. Cadell explains. "Stick to subtle aromas that guys can easily identify such as a hint of vanilla, rose, orange blossom, or lavender." We love Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her, a feminine, free-spirited scent we can't get enough of.

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Make your hair look really shiny

"Having silky smooth, shiny hair makes you look healthy and sexy. You can flirt by flicking your hair in front of him and seduce him by giving him a sensual massage using only your hair," says Dr. Cadell. Up the glossy factor of your hair with a shine enhancing serum. Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil contains antioxidant-packed camellia oil to protect and coat dry strands, and it smells amazing.

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Wear something unique

"Wearing a hat or unique accessory that suits your style or clothes with unusual logos are all great flirting props," says Dr. Cadell. The idea is that you'll stand out from the crowd, and the unique piece could even be a conversation starter. Here, Kim Kardashian wears an statement top that is definitely an attention-grabber.

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Wear heels

This sounds like a real no brainer, but just remember the next time you're getting dressed and feeling too lazy to wear high heels, suck it up. "It is hard not to feel sexy in a pair of heels; they change the way you walk as heels thrust the hips and breasts forward, rounding off the buttocks, making a woman sensuous and appealing," says Dr. Cadell. "They make feet look smaller and legs look longer, firmer and thinner." We think Lea Michele's stance says enough, right?

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