8 Summer Haircuts to Try Immediately

Alle Connell
8 Summer Haircuts to Try Immediately
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Is it just us, or is the best thing about warm weather fresh summer haircuts? There’s really nothing like newly chopped hair to revitalize your entire look—and if it stops our necks from getting QUITE so sweaty, even better.

And when it comes to summer haircut inspiration, who better to look to than our favorite celebrities? That’s right: though Hollywood traditionally loves extensions, more and more superstars are making the chop for summer. Here are our seven favorite celebrity haircuts for you to try right away; get ready to call your stylist, pronto.

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There are only so many times we can put our hair in a top knot before we get bored, which is why we're always on the hunt for easy summer hairstyles. Don't let these gorgeous hair ideas fool you—they are super easy to recreate. 

Half-Up Hairstyle
To get this Brigitte Bardot-inspired look, you need two things: beachy waves and plenty of volume. To get the latter, just use a teasing comb before pulling hair back. And if you have side-swept bangs like Candice Swanepoel, jus leave them out. 

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Center-Part Ponytail
This low ponytail is a great option for those with shorter hairstyles, like Sophia Bush. Part hair down the center, then gather your ponytail at the nape of your neck. Apply a small amount of hairspray to keep flyaways at bay. 

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Side Braid
Katie Lowe's braid may look complicated, but it's actual pretty simple. Pull all of your hair to the side, then create a braid. Once you've secured it, pull small pieces out to get it a messy texture.

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Side Chignon
Pull your hair to the side and create a loose, low bun, then pull out face-framing pieces. It can be a casual everyday style or something you pull out for nicer events, like Kate Beckinsale did.

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3-Step Pony
From the front, this is just a volumized ponytail...

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...but from the side, you can see how it's a fun twist on the traditional style. To copy America Ferrera's look, tease hair at the crown of the head, make a half-up ponytail, then gather hair again at the nape of the neck into another ponytail. 

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Small Braid
To get Jennifer Morrison's small braid, create a deep side part, then make a small French braid at the front of your head. Not only is it pretty, but it will help keep hair out of your face on hot days.

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Beachy Texture
For carefree texture like Kristen Bell's, dampen hair with a sea salt spray, put hair into three braids while you sleep, then take them out in the morning.

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