Celeb Hairstylist Jen Atkin Gives Us Her Best Prom Hair Advice

Rachel Adler
Jen Atkin

Images Courtesy Jen Atkin; @JenAtkinHair

Prom season is officially in full swing, and figuring out just the right hairstyle to go with your perfect dress is no easy feat. So, as we often do, we went to one of our favorite pros in the business to get her advice on easy prom hairstyles for ladies to try on the big night. Jen Atkin is known for styling some of the most famous ladies in the business – from Khloe Kardashian’s gorgeous mane to Jessica Alba’s angled lob to Nicole Richie’s new purple ‘do – and everyone in between. Constantly creating styles around the hottest trends, Atkin knows what will not only make her clients look great, but what we’re all coveting at this moment as well, so her expertise is oh-so-needed on a big night like prom.

Plus, we had her do a little bit of digging into her own prom photo archive so we could see what she looked like on her big night – she chose to accessorize her short hairstyle with a chic white headband to match her white dress for a sleek and elegant style a la Audrey Hepburn (as seen above)! While Atkin’s hair may be much longer now, she still chooses sleek and classic options for her styles while injecting new trends and fun into every look – and she’s learned quite a bit along the way. Read on to find out her tips for prom night!

Beauty High: What are three basic hair styling tips that you recommend for girls headed to prom this year? 

Jen Atkin: Well when I grew up and went to prom, I always made sure that I had my hair done! Even if I had to beg my mom! For girls now everything is so different and less is actually more.

But, three basics to follow can be:
1. You can never go wrong with a clean basic bun.
2. We all know I’m a sucker for big gorgeous curls. Go with soft ones! Think Victoria’s Secret model hair.
3. A messy updo can take any dress to the next level!

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Is there an easy (yet still stylish) look that girls could do themselves? 

Braids! You can do braids half-up and half-down or small ones through your hair with waves. Or even a fishtail braid with texture can take any dress to the next level!

Tell me about YOUR prom hairstyle. Looking back, would you do anything differently? 

Uhhhh…would I?!  I mean nowadays you can have someone turn you into Beyonce! Ha I totally wish glam was like it is now..THEN!

And do you have any final advice for girls on prom night in terms of their whole beauty look? 

LESS is more! Girls looking effortless and glowing can be so simple, but still speak volumes! Nothing is more moment changing or breathtaking then just feeling good in your own skin. You can go glam but still be you!