8 Easy Nail Art Ideas For Summer

Brittany Irvine
8 Easy Nail Art Ideas For Summer
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We at Beauty High have decided to declare July “Manicure Month,” a month-long celebration of what we love most: nails. We’ve teamed up with nail art bloggers and manicurists from across America to bring you nail art how to’s, video tutorials, and manicure inspiration throughout July.

More often than not, we all run into the issue of Pinning entire boards of enviable nail art when it’s a miracle if we can just paint our nails without getting polish on our cuticles. We can’t get enough of the nail art bloggers and manicurists who can create nail art so good, even the barista at Starbucks can’t help but compliment it. But, when it comes down to it, all we want is one thing: Easy nail art.

If your polish skills are limited to pretty lacquers and heading to the nail salon, but you’re yearning for nail art, we’ve got you covered. From ombre to splatter paint, we’ve rounded up eight easy nail art ideas that even the least skilled of ladies can pull off at home. Take a look at the manicure inspiration above and tell us which you’ll be creating at home in the comments below!

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If your skills are limited to simply painting your nails, an ombre manicure has your name written all over it. Simply choose five nail polish colors within the same family, each one ideally two shades deeper than the last. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Buzznet

Photo: Audrey Buzznet

For a dripping paint effect, start with two of coats of white polish and choose five bright colors for the accents. Paint a French tip-like stripe at the top of each nail, dragging the brush slightly down in the direction of the cuticle to create the paint drip effect. If you'd rather use a tool, opt for a bobby pin's head to drag the polish down your nail. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Stylebees

Photo: StyleBees

For a jazzed up look on the French manicure, take note of this two-toned mani.  Choose two hues in the same color family. Paint a base coat of your first color on your nail. Once dry, paint a French tip at the top of the nail with the second color. Marry the two colors together with a glittery striper brush on the dividing line. If you want to add a little extra texture, add a rhinestone right in the middle.  

Image via Pinterest; Source: Buzznet

Photo: Audrey Buzznet

White nails are one of summer's biggest trends, and we love the extra pops of neon on this manicure! Coat your nails with a white polish and select accent colors for the tips. Using a dotting tool or the tip of a bobby pin, paint color onto the tool and then apply dots along the tips of your nails. So easy!

Image via Pinterest; Source: Sortrature

Photo: Sortrature

For this paint splatter inspired nail art look, you'll need a neutral base color, 3-4 accent colors and a mechanical pencil. Start with two coats of the base color. Once dry, add one drop of an accent color at a time random spots on one nail. While the drop is still wet, use the tip of the mechanical pencil to pull the polish into every direction on the nail. Continue with each accent color and each nail, finishing with a top coat to seal the look! 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Paulina's Passion's

Photo: Paulina's Passions

This simple look allows you to play around with color and gradients. Apply two coats of a light base color. With striper polish (or nail art pens) in darker hues in the same color family, paint thin lines up towards the tip of the nail, but leave about 1/4 free for the base color.

Image via Pinterest; Source: The Nailasaurus.

Photo: The Nailasaurus

This just may be the easiest flower manicure you'll ever see. Start with two coats for a base color. Once dry, use a white striper brush to form the center of the flower, lightly brushing outwards to create "petals." Dot accent colors with a bobby pin at the center of the flower, finishing with a small black dot for the center. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: BeautyLish

Photo: Beautylish

The base color for this manicure can be whatever you choose, but we love how the silver sequins pop against a navy blue background. Paint two coats of your base color. Using an orange stick, dip the tip of the orange stick into top coat, then pick up one sequin at a time and place near the cuticle bed. The top coat will act as glue for the sequins. Finish with a top coat to set the look. 

Image via Pinterest; Source: Nails Mag

Photo: Born Pretty Nails

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