Learn an Easier Way to Marble Your Nails, As Seen at Opening Ceremony

Emily Rekstis
CND for Opening Ceremony Spring/Summer 2015

Courtesy CND

“Picture yourself leaving your phone behind and going to an open meadow where all the shades of wildflowers are swaying in the wind.”  This serene image was part of the inspiration for the nail art for Opening Ceremony’s SS 2015 collection. CND co-founder Jan Arnold explained to us the goal was to feel like you were retreating from your everyday life and technology, taking in a lake’s watercolors in early spring. This inspiration resulted in some seriously cool marble-esque nails. While they may look tricky to create, we found out just how simple and easy it was.

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When using the Vinylux’s Weekly polish such as CND did, no base coat is necessary. Therefore, you just start by directly applying the colors you are using. They used three options for the show, choosing light shades like pinks and greens or you can just do a contrasting watercolored nail in black and white. When applying the different layers of the colors, highlight with a higher key color and also throw in some white polish for contrast.

Next comes the key ingredient–acetone. You can dip a brush in it or use a dropper, and drip a couple drops onto the wet polish to pixelate the watercolor, letting the acetone do all the work for you. “It’s fairly imprecise; Perfectly imperfect; Wabi-Sabi black nature,” explained Arnold.

Then, all you have to do is apply the Vinylux top coat, and you’ll have yourself a marble texturized nail for up to seven days.