10 Easy Makeup Tutorials for When You Have Absolutely No Idea What You’re Doing

Augusta Falletta


We’re firm believers in having a full arsenal of beauty tricks up our sleeves, because you never know when you’re going to need ’em. That said, everyone has to start somewhere, and if you have makeup mastery on the mind but no idea how to go about it, the whole thing can seem … daunting, to say the least. But nailing down a technique that will help you look your best in ten minutes (or less!) doesn’t have to be so difficult—not when countless easy makeup tutorials from YouTube exist.

These 10 simple, straightforward how-tos will help you get your act together in no time at all. They’re pretty much impossible to mess up, so you can go forth and conquer without fear. And remember, practice makes perfect—so learn them all and do them often, and you’ll be ‘gramming your most recent look on the daily before you know it.

Kathryn Bedell makes the low-key glam happen in this tutorial. If insanely radiant gilded skin is your ultimate beauty goal, this one’s for you.

A sharp wing of liquid liner can seem like an impossible feat for the uninitiated, but this three-minute tutorial by Eimear McElheron makes it simple thanks to a super easy technique.

Contouring and highlighting isn’t just for the pros: Jennifer Chiu has the technique down to a science, and she’ll show you how to master it, too.

If a soft, neutral everyday type of pretty is more your speed, Tanya Burr‘s got you covered with this effortless laid-back look. (Major lashes are a must.)

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You don’t always need foundation to look polished and put-together. Case in point: In just over three minutes, Sazan Hendrix will show you how to skip the stuff for the quickest, easiest makeup application ever.

If you want to look put-together and polished, but not totally covered in makeup, this simple everyday tutorial from Carli Bybel is your answer.

A seriously glamorous smokey eye doesn’t have to be difficult—just watch Tina Yong nail the look in under ten minutes.

Like the rest of us, Christen Dominique knows what it’s like to be in a major rush but still want to look you’ve got your shit together. Just follow her simple tutorial, complete with a super easy cat eye, and nobody will know how late you woke up.

Not only is this everyday makeup tutorial, complete with a cat eye and dewy skin, quick and easy, but the brilliant Teaira Walker pulled it off using all things drugstore—which obviously means you can, too.

This one from Kaushal Beauty turns a red carpet-ready face into a wearable look for every day, and since there’s no eyeshadow involved, it’s perfect for anyone who has no time (or patience) to fuss with brushes.

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