Easy Makeup Tricks You Can Do With Your Bathroom Essentials

Victoria Moorhouse
gold shimmer eyeshadow

Photo: Imaxtree

There’s no denying the power of a contouring brush or a beauty blender when it comes to applying a great face of makeup, but did you know there are a ton of nontraditional tools that can do amazing things for your look? We caught up with a pro who gave us a few super interesting tips and easy makeup tricks that you can do with tools found in your bathroom. It honestly made us reassess what really belongs on our vanities. Before you blend that eyeshadow, give this a good read.

Prevent Smudging
Keep those cotton swabs stocked! They can do a whole lot for your beauty routine—and definitely come in handy when you haven’t had time to wash your makeup brushes. According to Gita Bass, a Q-tips celebrity makeup artist, they can even help you seal lipstick from feathering or bleeding. “Prevent lip color from smudging or bleeding by using a Q-tips Precision Tip ($3.49, drugstore.com) to carefully apply loose translucent powder along the outer edge of your lips,” she says.

Precisely Apply Makeup
The very same cotton swab product can be used to place a light, shimmery shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up your makeup look, explains Bass.

Set Your Lipstick
They’re little god-sends when you have a nasty cold, but tissues will seriously change the way you apply lipstick. No, it’s not about blotting either. “I love placing a thin tissue over my lipstick and then powdering over it,” says Bass. “It allows for a super fine layer of powder that sets the lipstick without drying it out.”

Stop Eyeshadow Fallout
Keep your shadow on your lids and off your perfectly blended concealer with this trick from Bass on how to avoid fallout. Take a circular cotton pad—Bass suggests a Q-tips Beauty Round ($4.77 for a set of 75, walmart.com)—and fold it in half into a semi-circle shape. Then, hold it under your eye when you’re applying your eyeshadow. “This catches the unwanted excess shimmery flakes that fall under eyes,” she says.

Exfoliate Lips
“To pull of the gorgeous fall trend of deep berry and oxblood lips, smooth hydrated lips are a must,” notes Bass. To exfoliate your lips of dry, flaky skin, she suggests gently brushing your lips with a dampened toothbrush. No need to spend major $$$ on a scrub.

Groom Your Brows
You’ll definitely want to use a different toothbrush than the one you use on your teeth, but Bass says she even uses this beauty tool to groom and brush her eyebrows.

Highlight Your Eyes
After your apply your eyeshadow, Bass says to apply a loose, shimmery powder with a damp a cotton beauty pad like the Beauty Round and blend from left to right on your lid. “This adds dimension to the eye and gives them a gorgeous sparkle,” she says.

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