5 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Shannon Farrell

Short hair is perfect for those of us who don’t want to spend a ton of time in front of the mirror.  You wake up, brush your hair, and walk out the door. But between bad hair days and being stuck in a hair rut (does Halle Berry seriously never get sick of her spiked pixie?!), short hair can be intimidating.

For those of you considering a shorter cut, never fear! There are easy hairstyles for short hair that you can do in just minutes. We’ve got the inspirational photos of some of the best short cuts in Hollywood to prove it!

Charlize Theron

Photo: Getty Images

Fuss Up Your Pixie
There aren’t many changes you can make to a pixie. But Charlize Theron’s tousled look adds movement and is simple to recreate. Spritz damp hair with a texturizing spray, scrunch and let it air dry. No curling iron needed here!

Katharine McPhee

Photo: Getty Images

Add an Accessory
Something as small as placing a few bobby pins by the ear, like Katharine McPhee did here, can create a completely different shape and open up the face.


Photo: Getty Images

Pull It All Back
Ciara’s slicked back bob is seriously cool. Unlike sleek, wet styles that can look dirty and grungy (we still don’t get the appeal behind that trend), this voluminous look has more of a rocker vibe to it. To recreate, just add a pomade or light-hold gel to palms and sweep the hair back.

January Jones

Photo: Getty Images

Switch Your Part
Hair looking flat? Flip your part to the other side for instant volume, a la January Jones. You can also part your hair in the center for a boho feel.

Christina Hendricks

Photo: Getty Images

Twist It Back
If your bob is below the chin like Christina Hendrick’s, then it’s just long enough to twist into a low bun. Haphazard waves and static ends? Just pull it back— perfect chignon needed!

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