Found: The Easiest (and Coolest!) Fix For Dirty Hair

Rachel Adler

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We are always on the hunt for a quick, easy way to salvage our dirty hair – without having to wash it, God forbid. So, when we were chatting with hairstylist Scotty Cunha (known for styling the coifs of none other than every Kardashian head) and he taught us this quick trick for a dirty hairstyle, we listened up.

Cunha told us that the sleek, middle-parted style that we see so often on Kim K. is actually best done on hair that hasn’t been washed in a little while – we’re talking third day hair. Those natural oils will already help you to ease the style in place, but then you simply need hairspray and a brush to do the rest. While most people think you have to use gel for this “sleek” look, Cunha notes that gel will make your hair too greasy – plus, it’s nearly impossible to comb through.

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Instead, spray hairspray lightly on a brush and comb the brush through your hair, flattening it at the sides of the head. Continue to spray the product on the brush and comb until you have that sleek look you desire. Cunha notes that he likes to tuck the hair behind the ears for a casual style (instead of pinning the hair back) and always leave a bit of volume at the crown instead of slicking that back too – it helps to bring the look to life, instead of going too “runway” with it.