This is the Easiest Way to Conquer the Vampy Fall Lip

Rachel Adler
Urban Decay Blackmail

Courtesy Urban Decay

I’m completely lazy when it comes to my makeup–I want to look like a drop-dead gorgeous model by patting one product onto my face. Is that unrealistic? Perhaps. But, luckily I’ve been in the beauty industry for quite some time and have tested quite a few products–so I know when something is truly good.

Lately, my laziest habit has been slapping on a bold lipstick to fool the world into thinking I put in effort in the morning. If I have a big event to go to and haven’t quite had time to pull together a great look, the always-reliable bold lip trick is my constant go-to. But there is no greater fail in the world than thinking you look amazing to then realize hours later your lipstick was actually a hot mess–with just remnants of lip liner left in it’s path. We’ve all been there, and it’s not a good look.

So, in my quest for the laziest bold lip look that actually lasts, I’ve discovered the holy grail. Urban Decay’s Matte Revolution Lipstick in Blackmail ($22) not only stays put (through endless Starbucks, Diet Cokes, Halloween candy galore and yes, full meals) but it actually can be used on all skin tones–and I’m extremely fair. If you’re lipstick savvy, you know how hard it is to find a truly dark shade that gives off Nancy from The Craft (pre-crazy) vibes. I pulled out the product without bothering to swatch it on my skin (a rookie move, but I was running late) and lined my lip with the matching liner. I then tapped the lipstick on first unsure of how dark I would be able to go, and much to my surprise I wanted it all–all in on the Blackmail, if you will.

For such a dark shade, I quickly tapped some translucent powder on so it would stay (an old pro trick, that truly, truly works!) and then added the finishing touch of lipstick ensuring that the lines were perfect.

With that, I was out the door–and it really took all of five minutes for a super vamp lip on a super pale human being. Officially the quickest way I’ve ever looked completely pulled together due to a lip, so it clearly cemented itself in my makeup bag of lifesaving go-to’s.

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