6 Tips That Make Styling Curly Hair A Piece of Cake

Victoria Moorhouse


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Photo: IMaxTree

Every curly know knows that caring for your curls isn’t always the easiest process. From frizz to fallout, there’s a lot that goes into caring for those oh-so-gorgeous spirals. But what if we told you that taking care of your curly hair could be a total piece of cake…as long as you know what you’re doing. To avoid the trial-and-error bad hair days, we’ve rounded up some game-changing advice that will make styling any curly hairstyle beyond easy.

Try Pineappling
Learn this buzzword to make your morning styling sessions less of a pain. Devachan LA stylist Sergio Delgado says this is a technique that will help you stop frizz. To do this, pull your curls into a loose ponytail that’s fastened at the top of the head. Our expert says that you could also try sleeping with your hair tied up in a silk or satin scarf to reduce friction—thus putting an end to frizz forever.

Ditch the Tight Hair Tie
That super tight ponytail you resort to just to get your curls out of your face might be your hair’s worst enemy. “Using traditional ponytails can be tough on stands and can destroy the curl pattern,” says Delgado. Instead, he recommends bungee ties or bobby pins. “They’re a curly girl’s best friend,” he tells us.

Don’t Use Strong-Hold Gels
These may be the types of products that give you an extreme hold, but Delgado says they can also create stiffness and flake. You’ll also want to stay away from alcohol-based mousses, as Delgado explains they could “create sharp, crunchy curls.” This will make styling your tendrils even more difficult—and nobody wants crunchy curls.

Try Loose Updos
Remember that bobby pin tip? You can take those hair basics and use them to create loose, romantic undos by pinning up the ends of your curls, notes Delgado.

Look for Quality Products
Delgado says that you should be looking for products that aid the health of your curls and moisture is huge. More and more brands are creating product lines that are made specifically for curly hair, DevaCurl being one of them. Dove’s Quench Absolute is a super affordable line made for naturally curly hair, while Ouidad also specializes in curls.

Refresh Your Curls
Instead of washing your hair and stripping your curls of moisture they need, try this trick. Delgado says to mix 25 percent conditioner with 75 percent water into a spray bottle. Spritz this into your curls to freshen them and make it easier for you to change up your style.

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